HHMDS is a Master Franchisee of a leading International Hotel Brand: “CONTINENT WORLDWIDE HOTELS”.



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FRANCHISE SERVICES: Being part of a hotel brand should empower you, not strip you of your freedom, your autonomy, or your hard-earned money.
HHMDS is making the industry rethink hotel franchising. Now we offer a difference that makes all the difference.
In an effort to continue that demand and bring more hotels into our System, especially in this current economic condition and financial crises, now HHMDS is introducing new Franchise Licensing model with very reasonable fees for the hotel owners who run hotels independently while the current lodging industry trend in which major hotel chains are increasing the percentage of fees they take from franchisees.
From the moment you become a HHMDS “Franchise Licensed” owner, and throughout your entire relationship with us, we work with you to ensure success. And we do so by offering an exceptionally high level of service and support that is unique in the industry – often at up to quarter the price of other brands.
Our slogan is: “If you are unsatisfied with our services and membership, no fee charge guaranteed!!!
As you take a closer look at our well established HHMDS franchise brands, it’s easy to see why we will continue to experience such impressive growth.
As a “Member” and business partner, you don’t just become part of a corporate structure; you become part of a family. It’s a decision you can be 100% confident in, because we are behind you all the way.
ADVANTAGES OF TAKING A BRAND TIE UP: The success of  HHMDS Franchising is a result of a simple yet powerful belief that has guided our company since its inception. We believe that going the extra mile in helping our members succeed helps the entire organization succeed.
No matter which brand of HHMDS you opt for, you can be assured that we will work with you as a true partner at every level.
We offer all the critical components you need in order to thrive in the mid-market hospitality segment. From continuous and extensive training, field support, national advertising, Internet, website marketing, and so much more — HHMDS is behind you all the way.
Additionally, we are always looking for innovative new ways to make your franchise business even more profitable and rewarding.



  1. Flat fees on License agreements.
  2. Short-term contract availability.
  3. You are independent, we may give you advise, not orders.
  4. You have voice in our membership program.
  5. No dictating strict rules, flexible membership.
  6. Comprehensive resources.
  7. Training and International Brand Standard Manuals.
  8. International Marketing support.
  9. Monthly Promotions designing supports.
  10. Quality Assurance Support team will visit you periodically, check the rate of hotel and prepare a report for you.
  11. Global Presence
  12. Inclusion of GDS.
  13. Inclusion of hhmds.com and web reservation system.
  14. Inclusion of third party reservation web sites through us.
  15. Rewards and Loyalty programs through which card holder guests will choose you automatically.
  16. We will design your Individual property website with reservation interface free; we will buy your properties domain name, you will not pay for this.
  17. Solid corporate support team providing conscientious operational assistance, regional and brand marketing support.
  18. We answer when you call!

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