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Master in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology from Punjab University, Sona has over 16 years of experience in Hospitality, Aviation, Trainings and Persona Enhancement.

She is also Director of HAYES Institute Of Hotel Management which is fast becoming a reputed name in the field of Hotel Education. Sona stands as a byword for ELEGANCE, EXCELLENCE and EMANCIPATION, the key words of Hotel Industry.

With her incredible motivational skills, personality management abilities, she has been a mentor to many. Her forte lies in highlighting the potentials of the individuals & guiding them to achieve their dreams.

Sona strongly believes that each individual is unique with a ‘cache ’of talent and ability to become successful. Her mantra for success is that it’s our Attitude more than our Aptitude that decides the Altitude of our lives.

Hence, the role of a mentor comes here who acts like a “Lighthouse” in one’s quest for perfection. She opines that “the true measure of a person is not based on what they have but on: what they are.”


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